RY3 Whiskey Naranja Wine Cask Finish


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Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the RY3 Whiskey Naranja Wine Cask Finish. This unique liquor combines the robust flavors of Rye Whiskey with a twist of Naranja Wine Cask, boasting a potent 124.2 Proof. Expect a delightful sensory experience as citrus, tobacco, and honey aromas greet you, leading to a palate of charred orange peel, hot honey, and spiced cake. The finish is an invigorating blend of pepper, warmth, and viscosity that lingers on your palate.


1. Citrus and Tobacco Infusion: Experience a harmonious blend of citrus freshness and earthy tobacco notes that create a balanced and intriguing flavor profile.

2. Naranja Wine Cask Finish: The infusion of Naranja Wine Cask elevates the traditional Rye Whiskey with subtle fruity undertones, adding a unique twist to your drinking experience.

3. Lingering Peppery Finish: The peppery finish of this whiskey leaves a lasting impression, adding a bold and memorable conclusion to each sip.

Where to Use:

Indulge in the RY3 Whiskey Naranja Wine Cask Finish during cozy evenings by the fireplace, intimate gatherings with friends, or as a special treat to unwind after a long day. This exceptional liquor is perfect for those looking to savor a distinctive and flavorful drinking experience without having to venture too far from their comfort zone.

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