Kansas City Canning Co. – Candied Jalapenos


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Get ready to experience a flavor explosion with Kansas City Canning Co.'s Candied Jalapenos. These little peppers pack a punch of both sweetness and spiciness that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight.


– Perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors that will leave you wanting more.

– Versatile condiment that can be used in a variety of dishes to add a unique twist.

– Convenient 9 oz. size that ensures you'll always have a jar on hand for flavor emergencies.

Where to Use:

Mix these Candied Jalapenos with cream cheese for a quick and easy appetizer dip that will have your guests coming back for more. Or elevate your sandwich game by adding a few slices for a sweet and spicy kick that will revolutionize your lunch routine.


Size: 9 oz.