Red Line 10 Year High Rye Bourbon Single Barrel


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Red Line Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey is a truly special offering which is sometimes available at select retailers nationally. The barrels are selected through a tasting process in which Red Line's tasting panel scrutinizes samples of their top barrels. To pass the test, these barrels must show the calling card characteristics of a superior Bourbon: balance, depth, and complexity.

The barrels that make the grade are set aside to be bottled at true cask strength. Red Line does not cut their Single Barrel Bourbon to proof and it’s never chill-filtered. It is bottled just as it came out of the barrel, and that means the proof of every barrel is different. That’s why every single bottle has the barrel number, proof, and bottle number written on the front label.

With every barrel comes a signature line. This "Red Line" is a caramelized layer of sugars that develops just beneath the char. Red Line's selection process and custom aging techniques work to leave another signature mark – only this time on you.

60.5% ABV – 121 Proof